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In Harmony With Nature

Harmony with nature in a Pagano house is conceived with special attention to environmental sustainability. The concept of sustainability arises in the context of forestry and natural sciences, and is quite accurate: the use of natural resources is sustainable if the amount we take from nature does not exceed the regeneration capacity of the resource itself. Therefore, the concept is closely linked to the limits on the use of a natural resource. In the forestry sector, sustainable management of a forest or woods envisages that the amount of wood taken from the forest does not adversely affect the ability of the forest to regenerate. In addition to the over exploitation or resources, another threat to the environment comes in various forms of pollution that directly or indirectly reduce the capacity of ecosystems to regenerate. The right balance should be and can be that to create a synergy between sustainability and business. The Pagano family and Pagano company have always adopted a management philosophy based on the fusion and unity with nature. Respect for the places where we work, where we live, where we raise our children, the beauty of the places we choose together with our clients to develop our structures are a daily evidence of our approach. But even more so is our business philosophy as a whole – from the selection of wood, energy savings, installation of photovoltaic systems on factories, everything is an ethical choice to respect and protect the environment. The roots of our family lie in Nature. As entrepreneurs and human beings we must guarantee to ourselves and to future generations a better quality of life as a specific choice of freedom, towards a new concept of the future.

Energy efficiency

In Italy, 30% of the energy costs depend on our homes; these are responsible for about 27% of the national greenhouse gas emissions. The Pagano houses represent a positive example of environmental responsibility for both those who build them and those who buy them, and are a concrete demonstration of how very possible it is today to reduce environmental impacts, without giving up on comfort, change, and quality of life, if not to improve it. Luxury and eco-sustainability with Pagano are fused together for the development of dream homes, built with total respect of the natural environment. For over 10 years, Pagano has been offering to its clients class A buildings, fully self-sufficient from an energy point of view and/or with energetic consumption rates significantly reduced, which opposite to the more traditional homes, guarantee a significant reduction of gas emissions (particularly carbon dioxide).


The outer walls are 250mm thick and are made with loadbearing panels made-up of five layers (in addition to the eventual finishing external layers). The panels are fixed peripherally on the lamellate timber loading structure. Their composition and assembly system have been studied in the most finest of detail so to guarantee their maximum resistance and a high thermal insulation coefficient. The particular characteristics of the panels are that of including the eventual external finishing layer (the prestigious Iroko wood) within its structure.


The thermal insulation glass is formed of more layers put together with the interposing of plastic and metal materials, specifically studied to obtain a cavity of air in between the layers. A dedicated plastic seal along the perimeter stops the flow of air with the first external environment. The total thickness of the cavity, sealed on a rubber and aluminium frame, add-up to be 44mm which together with the perfect water and air-tightness of the windows closures guarantee high thermal and noise insulation.


The structure has been designed to contain, within the laminated beams themselves, vertical and horizontal ducts within which feed conduits for all of the home’s wiring are placed. “My Home”, b-Ticino’s home automation system is used because of its ability to support high-tech functions and applications for comfort, security, energy saving, communication and control. Every single finished wall contains part of the electrical system and his final devices (plates, switches, sockets, corrugated pipes, wires and junction boxes that receive power from the main electrical backbones). The structure is planned for the installation of the B-Ticino “Axolute” series with bronze colour plates (BR code).


The structure is prepared for installation of heat-adiating floors, with pipes situated directly in the floorboards. Floors thus equipped have temperatures of approximately 26-27 °C. This activates a radiative heat exchange mechanism that brings the entire structure to temperatures close to 22-24 °C. As a result, the human body finds itself enclosed in a “warm envelope” with innumerable advantages in terms of both comfort and energy savings.


The wood used by Pagano comes from sustainably managed forests, where tree cutting is thoroughly checked and approved in advance in order to ensure re-growth of new plants. The wood used by Pagano is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council).  FSC certification is the main guarantee system for wood or paper origin. An international certification system ensures that raw materials used to produce a wooden or paper item comes from forests meeting strict environmental, social and economic requirements.

FSC was established in 1993 and among its members, there are environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, consumer groups, forest owners, technicians and certification agencies, primary timber processing companies, transformation and marketing timber industries. All of them work together to improve management of forest resources worldwide. About the materials used to treat wood, we would like to emphasise that the treatments are never made ​​with toxic or polluting substances. There are no toxic emissions during the entire production cycle, the placement of the structure and especially during the use of the produced structure.


No other building material requires so little energy to produce it. Trees grow on their own and continuously, with nothing more than CO2, water and sunlight. Forestry helps forests through careful tending and planned usage; regular thinning out practices create light and space for young plants and keeps the forest’s dynamic structure stable.


Ecological paints are an excellent solution, which Pagano have been using for years. Use of eco- friendly and natural paint is also a way to reduce domestic pollution, which often surrounds us in our own homes in the form of volatile toxic emissions. All this has become possible thanks to the many years of research. For this reason, Pagano company offers only thoroughly tested products. Technology and ecology are indeed the cornerstones of the company.


The glue used is a totally natural product . During each production step, it meets all the biocompatibility parameters and environmental requirements certified by the strictest international institutes – a real guarantee for those who care for our planet.

Eco-Friendly House

Pagano offers an option to install any kind of heating system in their structures: photovoltaic system, geothermal system and many more. During the design phase, Pagano takes into consideration not only architectural shape, luxury materials and design; but also climatic factors that will have an impact on the building.

Depending on the site’s climatic conditions and architectural features of the house, we study the best energy saving solutions in an attempt to optimise every resource and improve the living conditions of its residents. Different technologies interact with different climatic and environmental factors in order to reduce negative impact on the environment and achieve greater savings and energy efficiency. Costs of running a Pagano home are greatly reduced thanks to the use of home automation and under floor heating. Windows with triple-glazed insulating glass make it possible to obtain excellent results, both in terms of reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Eco-sustainability of the Pagano buildings is also guaranteed by sustainable methods of construction site management aimed to save energy.

Sustainable Construction Site

What does building a sustainable construction site mean? And, most importantly, why define it as sustainable? Pagano has exported and erected its structures to different parts of the world – islands, golf villages and protected areas too. In all these sites the prerequisite of zero environmental impact was expected. This acted as a continuous stimulus for the company to leave only a positive impression.

The fact that houses arrive finished from the Pagano factory and are placed onto the foundation platforms directly from the containers, does not affect the environment at all; energy costs during the assembly are minimal and irrelevant. The whole construction site (which among other things generally has a very limited duration) moves simply, without scaffolding and with only a few small supports, achieving optimal management of both materials and labour force.

Pagano construction sites are extreme. The installation speed and the working procedures are the same even during weather conditions that might appear extreme, such as the cold Russian winters or the heat of the desert. Commercial and logistical solutions are studied according to the site’s location and the best options are always found thanks to the great flexibility that the Pagano system offers.

This makes a Pagano structure flexible and suitable for replacing traditional constructive systems even in complex locations such as luxury hotels, or hotels with exclusive locations worldwide unsuitable for traditional construction sites.

Zero Impact Production

The company production plant, set in Oricola (Italy), is a model of energy efficiency with its photovoltaic system that supplies factory operations with energy. It is the place where ideas take shape. Pagano projects find their ultimate expression in this truly “green” factory where the focus on the selected wood is followed by the use of the most advanced technologies.

This Italian production centre is an example of energy self-sufficiency applied to industry. Here, traditional knowledge perfectly merges with new production technologies that transform raw wood into a unique and undeniable element of elegance, design and versatility. The “zero impact” production plant is the result of the Company’s ethical choice to protect the ecosystem and the environment, combined with an incomparable production activity.

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