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Terms and conditions to access the Pagano System S.r.l. website.
The information contained in the website refer to the products offered by Pagano System S.r.l. and have been made as pertinent and exhaustive as possible. However, we reserve the right to make any changes to the costs, materials, photos, specifications, models and availability of the mentioned products.
Some links present in the site may lead to sites belonging to third parties. Responsibility of all the information present in the latter, belongs to their respective owners. Pagano System S.r.l. has no control or responsibility on the content of such independent websites and provides the links solely for ease of reference for the site’s visitors.

  1. Intellectual property

All the content present in the site is the intellectual property of Pagano System S.r.l. For the exception of what necessary for its visualization on-line, such material cannot be copied nor reproduced. However, it is possible to print the entirety of the site’s pages for personal use. Furthermore, you can print the complete pages of the site for personal use on the following conditions:

  1. that no modification is made to the documents or the related graphics present on the site;
  2. that the graphics on the site are not used separately to the corresponding text;
  3. that the copyright and the commercial logo of Pagano System S.r.l. or other disclaimers be present on all the copies.

Taking into consideration what afore mentioned, Pagano System S.r.l may on an occasional basis, allow you to download the site’s wallpaper, screensaver and other utilities. Such downloads are subject to the conditions afore mentioned.
The use, regardless of the reason, of extracts of sections of the site is prohibited, unless it conforms to the conditions afore described. The site’s material have been carefully screened and tested in all the phases of its production. However, Pagano System S.r.l. recommends the use of updated antivirus software.

2. The website’s links

If you intend to create a link to this site, you will have to first obtain a written approval from Pagano System S.r.l. The link will eventually have to lead to the Pagano System’s homepage.

3. Access to services

Although Pagano System S.r.l. does it upmost best to guarantee that the site be available 24 hours every day, it can not be made responsible if for whatever reason, the site may not be accessed at any given point or for a period of time. Access to the site may be temporary suspended, with no warning, in case of malfunctioning of the system, for maintenance or repairs, or for reasons out of Pagano System S.r.l.’s control.

4. Data protection

Based on the end-use as to why you may have registered on our site (be it request of information, services, receipt of promotional material etc.) we will collect and retain your personal data, after your registration through our forms online. If you contact us we may keep records of our communications with you.
We may also invite you to fill in questionnaires online, which we will use for market research purposes.
Pagano System S.r.l. respects the privacy of the personal data of who visits its site, in conformity to the norms outlined in the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 (see information on the privacy).

5. Material and code of conduct of site visitors

Besides the personal data, which will be managed in accordance to the laws that regulate the rules on the Privacy and the Cookies, the transmitted material or that which is posted on the site will be considered none-reserved or not owned. Pagano System S.r.l. will have no obligation in reference to such material. Pagano System S.r.l. and those by it designated, can copy, divulge, distribute, insert and otherwise use this material and data, images, sounds, text and other elements therein contained for whatever end-use.

It is prohibited to the visitors to post on or transmit to or from the site any material:

  1. that is threatening, libellous, obscene, indecent, mutinous, offensive, pornographic, abusive, racist, discriminatory, intimidating, scandalous, instigating, blasphemous, that violates the privacy or that can disturb or can create inconvenience; that is
  2. for which you may not have received all the licenses and/or necessary authorizations; that is
  3. that constitutes or instigates a behaviour considered a crime, that generates civil responsibility, that is otherwise contrary to the law, or that violates the rights of third parties, in any country worldwide; that is
  4. that is technically damaging (including for example, viruses, logical bombs, “Trojan horse”, worm, harmful components, altered data, or other malignant software or harmful data).

You will not in any way, improperly use the site including for example, hacking activities. Pagano System S.r.l. will fully collaborate with the authorities and tribunals who may ask or order Pagano System S.r.l. to release the identity o location of the material found to be violating this paragraph or existing norms and regulations.

  1. Accuracy of information

The information present on the site is aimed at Pagano System S.r.l.’s clients and may not be valid in other countries. Pagano System S.r.l. will do its best to ensure that the content of the current site is accurate and updated.
However, the products shown on the site can present some differences in regards to the most recent specifications. Some of the examples described or shown could be available only in some countries, or only with additional costs. It is recommended the client check the actual specifications of the products and/or of the characteristics of the vehicles specifically requested at their Pagano System S.r.l. dealer at the time of booking. Pagano System S.r.l. reserves the right to modify the specifications of the products at any moment without any responsibility on its part.

7. Responsibility

Pagano System S.r.l. and its staff, administrators, employees or agents exclude any responsibility of any prejudice or damage that could result to be yours or of third parties (including for example, indirect or direct damage, lost profit, loss of income, start-up, data, contracts, i.e. loss or damage derived or related in any way to the interruption of an activity/business, and in the case of an offence (e.g. negligence, contract or otherwise)), from the site, which may be caused by the ability or not of using the site, i.e. following the use of the site, of any website linked to Pagano System S.r.l. site or of the material contained within, amongst which for example loss or damage of products from a virus that could infect your computer and related equipment, software, data or other assets after accessing the site, use and navigation, or after having downloaded some material from the site or from any of the linked sites.
No disposition of the present conditions will exclude or limit the responsibility of Pagano System S.r.l. for:

  1. an illicit, false or fraudulent declaration;
  2. any responsibility that cannot be excluded or limited to the laws applicable.
  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

For whatever controversy that may arise in relation to the present site, the Foro di Roma will be in charge and the Italian Law will be applied.

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