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Pagano / Building site

Worldwide building site

The building sites for the assembly of the Pagano structure have individual characteristics which are very different from other existing systems for which it is necessary to highlight what makes them unique.

The development of our timber homes and of all the components originate in our atelier, guaranteeing the quick turn-over time for the delivery and takes away any risk and unforeseeable technical problem arising on site. This in turn guarantees to retain the very high quality standards.

In fact, once the site has been established and the foundations upon which the structure will be mounted developed, entire sections or modules can then be transported to the site.
The experience of the cantiere therefore becomes a pleasurable moment for the client who will see their home develop in a very short amount of time.

Below some examples of our cantieres, where you can admire the entire sequence of the development of the largest prefabricated timber home existing today in the world.

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