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Why choose Pagano

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With over 2,000 clients worldwide and dozens of projects realized every year, Pagano is now an internationally recognised and successful brand. Among our clients are jet set personalities, politicians, representatives from the world of finance, culture and entertainment, who testify to the satisfaction of everyday living in dream houses, timeless and growing ever more valuable with time.

Why choose a pagano structure


Pagano company emphasise continuous dynamism and development through experimentation. Through investment, we strive to improve the level of production, becoming a leader of the industry and managing an effective and successful business. Investment means asserting our leadership on the market, growing, acquiring skills, more efficient machinery and most importantly being able to anticipate the future. The importance of research and development, use of resources including human resources, means and finances, dedicated to the study of technological innovation is a continuous stimulus for the Pagano family and for all our employees worldwide, creating a synergistic system, a network of people who share daily their plans and aspirations for growth.

Unique materials and respect for the environment

African Iroko wood, used in special finishes, is resistant to temperature, moisture and salinity, and foot traffic. Particularly hard and resistant, it demonstrates excellent durability over time and is suited for all types of climates, even strongly damp ones. Iroko wood is also excellent for drying. All the wood used for Pagano structures is environmentally friendly and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified

Certainty of a pagano house

A Pagano home is built within definitive and certain construction timeframe guaranteed by the Pagano system timely organisation and planned management of the production processes. All associated costs are definitive – any unexpected element taken into consideration in advance to abide by the initial agreement. The system guarantees reduced duration of the construction yard and avoids postponing of the final delivery with unnecessary referrals.

Guarantee through past, present and future

Strength of the family tradition, of innovation and long-term stability allow Pagano to plan, manage and control development and dynamics of the company. Approval on the international market of Pagano houses has over the past decades demonstrated steady growth in the face of the challenges of the ultra-luxury real estate market, where what matters is to be always ahead and especially to be able to satisfy the most demanding clients.

Uniqueness and style

A Pagano structure is always distinctive and unique, prestigious and at the same time essential. It makes its owner recognised and recognisable. It is a sign of good taste and sensitivity. Custom design combined with superior technology and the use of luxurious and exclusive raw materials makes a Pagano house a unique dwelling and its resident a unique person. Everything is designed with respect and attention to the person, a holistic concept in which body, mind and spirit can exist harmoniously. The value of a Pagano home grows over time. The investment’s growing percent is larger than the standard increase index of the real estate market.

A pagano house confronting time

“From wood our craftsmen create sculpture-like structures. Skilful hands turn a slab of wood into a work of art. Time adds value and from the moment of its completion and unveiling, the structure will grow over the years in value, charm and uniqueness. Your home will tell about your emotions, your everyday life, as a living being because its composing material – wood – is alive. Your story in the Pagano family tradition.”

Vincenzo Pagano

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