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“25 – 35 – 45 – 99 Version”

The main aim is that of using natural materials and simple forms, upon which to add value, technology, design creating unique pieces full of history and a valuable brand.
The piece can be carefully finalized in our industrial facilities, using prestigious raw material, which is always chosen and worked upon with artisanal dedication and with utmost attention given to detail.
The piece is in fact a product of excellence made in Italy, which can be transported across the world with ease and offloaded at the final location without the need to have/create a construction site.
There have been a lot of discussion and thought around the concept and use. The piece can come in various sizes (25-35) and assembled modules (45-99). It can have different functions and can be used as:

  • residential home
  • holiday home
  • guest annex or separate utility areas for the family
  • study
  • library
  • cigar and drinking room
  • a Spa
  • a gym
  • table tennis or billiard room
  • outside BBQ
  • outdoor relaxing and entertaining area
  • external hot-tub
  • shop or commercial area for a variety of products including amongst other food
  • hotel rooms

The piece can in fact be adapted to tourist infrastructure such as hotels too, a refined yet sustainable and nomadic space, and its superior characteristics, flexibility, optimization of the space, mobility, fast production, and very efficient energetic value, make it ideal of the today’s needs and trends.





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