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Biggest wooden house in the world

The biggest wooden house in the world

If one stacks together all the single pieces of iroko wood, used to build the largest single family house in the world, you will measure up 210 Eifel towers or 82 Burj Khalifa!  68 kilometers of iroko was used to create the giant house.

What comes to mind when you think about mega structures? The biggest, tallest, deepest or longest structures in the world… We’re proud to introduce one such piece of architecture – the largest detached house in the world, made out of precious wood.

Measuring 7’000 square meters, we are talking about one of the most beautiful houses Pagano has created this year, in Russia. 4’500 m² of living space, 1’500 m² of spa area and a 1’000 m² guest house, where you simply want to stay forever!

Initially, houses of this size were found everywhere in Russia. It is a royal grandeur, a real wooden Kremlin. It is not rustic though, not in any way. Iroko tree is a valuable, noble material that makes our structures exceptionally stable and durable. 

Luxury living by Pagano
Luxury living by Pagano

One can easily breathe here. The giant house is located between the forest and the Moskva River. It has firmly conquered its place, having married with the surrounding nature. Standing on a small slope, overlooking the river, it is like a solid elegant yacht, which floats on the water with much dignity. The house absorbs a lot of light, gives way to silence, leaving the noise of the big metropolis – Moscow – far away. 

Dream library Pagano

Nature has become a part of the house and vice versa – the house fits perfectly into the landscape. Open spaces, floor to ceiling panoramic windows, sliding doors – all this helps to enjoy the view, the calmness of the river and the structure itself.

Internal garden Pagano
Internal garden Pagano

At the same time, the house has several small courtyards, shelters, intimate spaces hidden from strangers’ eyes. There’s is something in it from the traditional palaces of Japanese emperors, where one could easily get lost. 

One of our client’s most important desires was to maximise the use of the outside space around the house. You can easily get to the spacious covered balconies, verandas, which are ideal for taking in the views, contemplating about life and enjoying conversations with family and friends.

We became more conscious of our own wellbeing, the “how” and the “why” we’ve been put on this planet is more important than the “price tag”. Peace of mind and comfort are priceless. Now the owners of the house have all this – serenity at it best, inside Pagano’s wooden house.


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