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The biggest wooden house in the world – part 2

120 trucks parked outside our manufacturing facility. Are we moving? Yes! We are transporting the largest wooden house in the world to Russia.

The Trans-Siberian Railway, New York City Subway, Channel Tunnel and Suez Canal are only some of the breathtaking megastructures devised by humanity. The one devised by Pagano is the biggest single-family wooden house in the world.

Produced in less than one year, it was the pinnacle of our work, which kept our designers, engineers and all factory staff busy. Imagine the euphoric feeling, when 120 (!) trucks were loaded with ready-to-mount wooden panels, windows, bathtubs, etc.?


The trucks travelled to Germany, where they were loaded onto container ships which then sailed directly to the Venice of the North – Saint Petersburg. From there they proceeded to make their final way to the location, the future base of the house near Russia’s capital – Moscow.


2 cranes and 30 people have been waiting for the arrival to start the offloading process. Thanks to our patented system, with hooks of steel inserted in the wooden beams, the offloading could be done directly on the construction site. Once this monumental step was completed, 5 skilled workers from Pagano studio stayed on the site, accompanied by 2 local experts to mount and finalize every detail of the structure. The next biggest advantage of the Pagano System is that, due to the precision of the method, the actual mounting of the structure is done fast. This giant house was completed in record time – 3 months!


Carpentry is a craft. Interlocking carpentry – putting one log inside another – is a matter of technical know-how, well known from the ancient times, perfected numerous times by Pagano. As a result, once this megastructure was complete, the difference between the theoretical measurements and the actual construction site (even though several components were assembled) was no greater than 2 millimeters.

By combining technical know-how, with the tailor-made approach and listening to our client needs, we can build any structure – from hotels to golf clubs in a matter of months. No megastructure is off limits for our atelier.


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