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Pagano production

From the very beginning, Pagano decided on its approach to production and management: The Pagano system is characterised by a unique manufacturing process almost entirely performed inside the “atelier”. From the arrival of the timber and raw materials to the refinement of the smallest detail of construction and furniture, everything takes place in the Pagano plant and laboratory.

Full control of the production process was a natural choice, a guarantee for the company and for the client. This approach allows for continuous testing whilst retaining contact with the clients and ensuring the quality of the “Made in Italy” all the way until the final product completion. Under strict quality control, at the end of the manufacturing process, buildings are already equipped with all fittings, services and finishes. Construction of a structure inside the factory guarantees a strong quality control of the product and a timely delivery within the shortest of timeframes.

This technique takes around 1/5 of the time required for other construction methods and gives the client an opportunity to appreciate the quality of their purchase, even in the construction phase, with the walls already raised for inspection. The high quality of the production is guaranteed both by advanced software and equipment, that scientifically develops every component from the simplest to the most complex, and by skilled craftsmanship that assembles them into bigger elements.


Wood carved in the art studio is the result of a long process through which glued laminated timber is soaked and treated using water-based paints and hardeners, then finished with strips of Iroko fine wood. Thanks to advanced technology, the procedure that “semi-finished” pieces go through, provides a superior quality product that is better than many others, due to the significant finishing touches. As a quality fabric is ready to be passed on to the hands of the tailor to be cut and sewn into different shapes, similarly finished wood is ready to be modelled and used in different parts of the house.


The same rule goes for the panels that undergo the same treatment of the semi-finished and painted pieces. Many technological elements, such as the wood itself, thermal insulation, glues and paints help to perfect every single element of the sandwich structured panels. Numerous rules are in force to protect both the final clients and the environment during the creation and use of the semi-finished panels. Pagano system guarantees the use of products that do not harm the environment nor the people.


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment in the art studio are unique and exclusively built on Pagano’s project idea. The experience of four generations has led to the creation of this sophisticated machinery, which encloses the manufacturing history of the Pagano family. CNC is used for high precision manufacturing withexternal computers managing the operations. These machines represent true remote control work centres for woodwork. CNC have two control positions – one for trusses, which will end up to be identical to the handcrafted version, and the other one for panels and frames. These machines deliver high precision operations and are equipped with swinging heads able to rotate along five axes, which also allows to perform an angular cut on all the surfaces. If we could consider finished and coated wood as a fine cloth, CNC would be the “tailor” of the custom-made suit.


Woodwork studio is the laboratory where the structure is created including stairs, place tops, support elements and small finishes. The studio is the place where quality control of all components takes place and where new artisans are trained.


Pagano has designed and patented a wood clamping machine. Finished elements of the building, panels and fixtures take shape,are assembled and turned into a completed wall by pressing and jamming. Pagano trusts this machine to guarantee static nature and endurance over time of the components transformed into joined elements.


Finishing is the process for assembling and controlling all parts of the walls. Single pieces, after being assembled in the clamping machine, are completed and checked.


he preparation for the transport stage is of utmost importance, be it 50kmor 1,000km. The material is prepared and loaded bearing in mind the location of the delivery; size volume and weight are optimised according to the means of transport, be it airplane, ship, truck or helicopter. For Pagano no place is inaccessible and no location too far.

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