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Pirogovo golf (Russia)

Pagano / Pirogovo golf (Russia)

Examples of exclusive residences, rich finishes and hight quality materials

“Alexander Ezhkov”

HI had the pleasure of meeting the Pagano family many years ago, and I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and undeniable Italian style, both in their culture and in the craftsmanship of their work. I have seen them address with tenacity and decisiveness the difficulties of our extremely cold climate, which they successfully tamed with their skills and technical knowledge. From the 90’s Pagano has built numerous structures around Moscow and, so far, is the company that developed the largest number of residencies in our golf course resort. Here in Pirogovo their projects are stylish and innovative; and for some of them, Pagano also had a brilliant partnership with leading Russian architects such as Totam and Kowalczyk. The use of advanced and patented technologies has transformed simple projects into unique residencies rich in finishes with fine materials. Living in a Pagano house means having a unique lifestyle from a perspective of architecture and furniture design.”

Alexander Ezhkov


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Pirogovo golf

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