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Interview with Paco Andrea Pagano, President of the Pagano System company

I am leaving from New York to make it on time to the meeting with Andrea Paco Pagano, President of the family-run Pagano company. I land in Rome at 08:30 am. I am greeted by a very kind gentleman who takes me directly to the villa of the Pagano family. Surrounded by a beautiful countryside, I am standing in front of one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. After a warm welcome and a wonderful breakfast, we begin our conversation.

I did not realise that the landscape was so suited to representing your brand. The beautiful nature that surrounds you certainly helps.

Our projects are born only through combining architecture with nature. We think and live nature when creating tailor-made projects designed respecting the environment. Our type of design allows for continuous variations, based on the creativity and needs of the clients, which we strive to meet transforming a home environment into a large scenic space.

What do you mean by tailor-made projects?

Just like a tailored suit, all our houses are tailor-made depending on the tastes, creativity and personalities of its owners.

I have now been in this house for less than half an hour and I am already in love with it. Who choose this type of building?

The desire for a house like this one comes from the taste both for living materials, such as wood, and for luxury living combined with eco-friendly solutions. It is a concept that suits both traditional clients and eminent personalities from the world of entertainment, such as the Oscar-winning composer Ennio Morricone, or even from the world of finance and international politics. In the last years, we have also worked with a number of successful Russian tycoons who love customised solutions and high-quality materials.

What does your company offer?

As I said, our homes are custom made based on our clients’ needs. In these days, we are building both a small house of 90 square metres at Rome’s outskirts and a large house of over 2,000 square metres in Moscow. Whether it is big or small, our goal is not to sell a house to our clients but to give them a unique lifestyle.

Where does the idea come from?

It all comes from the traditions of our family, our love for wood that dates back to 1890, and the skills and craftsmanship of our ancestors. My father Vincenzo Pagano was behind the idea to start the company in the 60’s. At that time, the culture of eco-living did not even exist. He was a brave pioneer and passed on his passion for wood to myself and to my brother Enzo, architect and creative director dealing with the design process and customer relation.

I understood just a few minutes into the interview that a Pagano villa is not a common dwelling, how is it different?

Combining tradition with technology has been our recipe for success. We feel like high-tech artisans, able to create our works of art while liaising with each buyer to ensure that the houses are a reflection of their own desires. Direct client contact is an essential characteristic of our working method.

Why do you use the term “works of art”?

We do not create simple wooden houses but true works of art and, like any work of art, they become more valuable with time.

Mr Pagano, are you saying that your works of art become more valuable over time?

Buying one of our houses is certainly an investment. In fact, it can become a real business. As an example, an Italian businessman who bought a 220 square meter Pagano house several years ago in Florida, sold it eight months later for four times its initial value.

How do you see your company in the future?

We have now built structures in almost all continents, from America to the European Union. During the last few years, we have been extending our projects in Russia and we have our eyes on China and India. Moreover, we are concluding a partnership with Luxury Living to give our clients an opportunity to decorate their Pagano homes with luxury brands such as Fendi House, Bentley Home, Trussardi, Heritage, Kenzo Maison and other brands matching the Pagano style.



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