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Pagano Family

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Pagano Family


“Behind a great brand there is always a story and, often, great men who, with passion and desire, have succeeded in asserting themselves.”

Our father, with his determination, bold courage and a great deal of work and creativity, started practically from scratch, without a financial fortune to support his ambition. The passion for his work, combined with the awareness of how to create something original and unique have led him forward.

He has always believed that being an entrepreneur requires qualities that came naturally to him: being a visionary, a team leader, a project manager, a seller, an administrative assistant, and the ability to succeed in all the roles collectively.

It was the entrepreneur in him that allowed our company to become a recognisable brand, thanks to his tireless drive striving beyond the results achieved and certainty that perfection is always just an illusion, “when you’re about to grab it, it will slip through your fingers.” While the world believes that the results achieved defines a successful man, our founder is always thinking ahead to try to reach the pinnacle for the company.
In addition to his tendency to always lean towards “beauty”, his “sixth sense”, determination and immense love for wood made a breakthrough into a difficult artisan market , leading his Italian brand to success.

Those working with us can testify to his “good eye” and, after so many years, he spends entire days he in the production unit with his staff, taking part, correcting and interacting with them on all the factory production stages and entering in all the company activities .

The history of this factory, our founder’s creation, is a practical and compelling example of the Italian “economic miracle” based on enterprise, creativity and risk taking combined with careful research, design, taste and attention to detail. It is also the product of the traditional Italian craftsmanship deeply rooted in the past, because our father has wood running through his veins.
Our great grandfather passed on his passion to his son, and our grandfather to our father who in return introduced us to this field of work to continue with the tradition of Pagano.
From an early age, we have literally lived inside the factory, putting our hands into the sawdust, running between the piles of lumber, breathing the smell of wood.

We would like to thank our father who taught us that the secret of the great works of art cannot be found in logic but in between madness and courage and that often winning ideas are not understood at the outset because success is not for everyone. We also learned that negative events are not there to bring us to our knees, but to make us realise how strong we are!
In passing on this power, determination, passion, creativity, unquestionable love for the company we aim to remain faithful to the promise we made to him: to preserve the free thought and the courage to dare, and always be able to break away from the existing structures and balances to create more perfect ones. Constant improvement and innovation is the road to success.

Our deep appreciation and love to our father Vincenzo Pagano
The sons Andrea Paco and Enzo

Pagano builds luxury wooden houses for more than 50 years
Elegance, uniqueness, style and advantage technology make the pagano brand unique in the world

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