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Campaegli (Italy)

Pagano / Campaegli (Italy)

live with respect for the territory

“Creations camouflaged with the nature”

Living whilst respecting the environment means not just building per se but living together whith nature like birds, deer or squirrels. Man has the right to enjoy nature as long as he lives in spirit of communion and blending in with it. This is the uncompromising condition of the structures designed and completed by Pagano exclusively for living nature with no dividing line between the it and man. The amazing charm of “indoors and outdoors” spaces is imperceptible to the human eye as a bird’s nest on the tree. These homes are unique thanks to the unique construction philosophy of the Pagano group. By using wood we blend innovation, technology and tradition with the most beautiful landscapes, concealing and merging our creations with it and nature. In return, nature gives man an opportunity to experience its immense beauty.”


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