What features have made Pagano's product unique in the world?

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The Pagano constructions are synonymous with excellence in the wood construction industry, recognized internationally as top quality productions.

We tell you what made the Pagano’s products unique in the world:

1. The cutting-edge design and unique design for each building allows the client to have a unique product, entirely designed and built on their own needs. Every construction is therefore a unique piece that gains added value over time.

2. For more than 15 years, far ahead of time, Pagano proposes to its customers "Class A" constructions that are entirely self-sufficient from an energy point of view or very low consumption, which, unlike traditional buildings, guarantee a significant decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. Pagano provides to customers accurate documentation of energy requirements of buildings: architectural, plant and aesthetic choices are all so evaluated in terms of energy savings.

3. The planned plant, exploiting solar energy, combines the photovoltaic function with the thermal one: collectors are thus able to heat the water even in the presence of a small amount of direct sunlight. This, coupled with heat pumps that use geothermal energy and natural and non-thermal acoustic insulation techniques (such as double glazing windows that make insulating glass), can achieve excellent results both in terms of environmental impact and of economic efficiency.

4. All Pagano structures are entirely finished with precious Iroko wood. Iroko wood is a very hard, durable wood that can withstand strong stresses and thermal hikes. The Iroko sheet, also used for the production of boats, allows to protect the buildings, thus guaranteeing the durability and preservation of the entire structure.

These features make Pagano products synonymous of elegance and beauty in the world, thanks to unique technology combined with style, the company is an example of excellence in the Italian market.


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