A contemporary design Villa near St.Petersburg

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We present a project made in Russia, 80 km out of St. Petersburg, between pines and birches with warm and modern design. We have been working on creating an unexpressed dream of a couple, designing a contemporary wood house, unique for both plant and material, completely immersed in nature.

A unicum style between interior and exterior

The main peculiarity of the entire structure is made up of the plant, designed to favor exposure to light, and therefore the dialogue between interior and exterior. While the living area retains a traditional shape with tilted roofs on two sloping sides, the other parts of the house grow horizontally, creating an articulated weave that resembles the stage of a theater.

The massive presence of sliding windows and sliding doors across the perimeter of the villa further reduces the gap between the different environments. We managed to achieve the unexpressed dream of a couple, designing a contemporary wood-house, unique for both the plant and the materials, completely immersed in nature.

The house is strongly connected to the landscape exactly like the rooms inside, distributed so that they can see each other. The rarefied light of the wood reaches every corner of the structure, shining the sliding lamellar of the bearing and the iroko wood of precious pavements, creating very deep cones. From the main living room you can admire the pool and see the kitchen, study room and balcony outside.

The sophisticated materials and the unmistakable style the iroko wood embellishes the most private corners of the wooden house, designed and furnished entirely with precious materials, strictly Italian. From Loro Piana fabrics for sofas, Suite 106 or Floor lamps to Viabizzuno beams, to Baxter tables and chairs, each element is designed to enhance the conviviality of the environments.

The entrance, for example, differs from the rest thanks to the triple glass ceiling with argon gas and the stone floor, perfect for watering the important plants in the large masonry vases between the stairs. Just like in the best greenhouses and florists, the roofs are in glass, highlighting the mix between Italian style and typically Slavic vegetation. 

Have a look to the photo gallery published on Ville & Casali Magazine


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