Discover Pagano's Atelier, the place where ideas turn into magic

Pagano News

Pagano is glad to invite you to visit the factory- atelier that, from February 2017, will be open to public for guided tours.

The factory, designed in 2011 with a  modern and eco-friendly  technology, is energetically self-sufficient thanks to its photovoltaic plant; this is a guarantee of protection for the surrounding environment.
The Pagano's Atelier is the place where ideas take shape, a laboratory of unique design and elegant creations  giving birth to a one-of-a-kind product.
The whole production line is there located: starting from the work on the semifinished elements, up to the finest finishing detail.
The “Pagano System”, designed and patented to check each step of the production process, guarantees the highest transparency for the client that is able to verify every single moment of the production of the commissioned structure.
By the end of the working cycle  the structures are totally refined and finished with plants and restrooms.
The delivery  time of  a structure is 1/5 less than  any  other traditional technique and ,with the realization of the entire structure in a factory, the final construction site will be cleaner and greener  than an in-site edification.
Live this amazing experience with us, enjoy the charm of the Pagano world!
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